Church Updates
All services on Sunday (1/20) are canceled due to the snow. Stay safe and God bless!
A preteen class has been added on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for those ages 9-12 to help them transition into the teen class.
A few changes have been made to the calendar. Make sure to check it here so you are up to date.
Freedom House Ministries will be holding an open house on January 26th from 1-5pm. For more information, click here.
Early on 12/23, Karen (Davis) Crawford passed away after battling cancer. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. Please continue to pray for her family.
To see her obituary click here.
On 11/19 the teens held their local NYI election. The results are as follows:
President: Ronnie Bollman
Vice President: Stevin Davis
College & Career Rep: Ashley Bollman
Senior High Rep: Madison Beegle
Jr High Rep: Grant Ferguson
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