Nazarene Youth International

Local NYI
President: Ronnie
Vice President: Stevin
College & Career Rep: Ashley
Senior High Rep: Madison
Jr High Rep: Grant
NYI Sunday School:
Teacher- Krista
Wednesday NYI:
Teachers- Ronnie
Our teens are required to do at least 6 projects and 6 events per year. There are several projects and events that they typically do. These include things like a Take and Bake, a Superbowl Party, the 30 Hour Famine, and Teen Camp.
This year new projects and events have been added. The teens had a BBQ/Pool Party. They also attended the Murder Mystery Night at Old Bedford Village. 
January 26th
10 am
Bake and Take
This Year’s Events:
1/26 Bake and Take- 10am
2/3 Superbowl- 5pm
3/30 Winter Jam- leave at noon
4/5-4/7 District Assembly
4/20 Easter Egg Hunt- 11am
5/17-5/18 30hr Famine/Lock in
6/10-6/14 VBS
7/27 Block Party- 12-3pm
8/11 End of Summer Party- 2pm
9/14 UpRise Festival
10/13 Escape Room
11/27 Thanksgiving Prep
11/28 Thanksgiving Meal
11/29 Decorating- 11:30am
12/7 Christmas Party
12/18 Wrap Presents
*dates may change*
Mid Atlantic District NYI
MAD NYI provides a ministry of support, coordination and guidance to the local youth ministries. This includes ministries to motivate, equip, and involve young people in and for discipleships, generosity, church growth, mission and leadership in the Kingdom of God.
30-Hour Famine

Our teens have participated in World Vision 30-Hour Famine this summer. Their goal was to raise money to feed less fortunate children around the world. Raising $400 would feed one child for an entire year; but, the need hit our teens’ hearts and they set their goal at $800– enough to feed two kids! With much laughter and the help of the congregation, as well as the amazing community we are a part of, the teens not only met, but exceeded their goal. A huge “Thank you!” to everyone involved!

Pictures from NYI events and projects:
Murder Mystery Night (10/06/2018):
Thanksgiving Prep (11/21/2018):
Decorating the Church (11/23/2018):
Christmas Reveal Party (12/15/2018):