Kindness Outreach

Leader: Jan

Our Kindness Outreach program is a great way to serve and grow the community around us. It focuses on helping local people and local organizations.
Please check our calendar to find out when the events are. 
-ReNewing Hope 5K Walk/Run
-Laundry Wash n Dry
-Prayer Tent

ReNewing Hope 5K: 

September 22th
ReNewing Hope will be holding their 6th annual 5K walk/run at Friendship Village. Registration is at 1pm. The walk begins at 2pm. 
There will be live music, food and drinks. Bring chairs. A ceremony will follow the run.
Email at or call at 717-860-3782.

Laundry Wash n Dry: 

September 29th
We will pay for people to wash and dry their laundry at the laundromat Fishertown.

Prayer Tent: 

October 27th
We will have a prayer tent at Heather's Cup from 9am to 2pm. Stop by to pray with us or just to stay hi and chat.

A Nationwide Epidemic: 

Nearly 1/6 of Seniors go hungry or are not properly nourished. Issues stemming from this cost $130 billion in medical expenses every year. 
To learn more, click here.

Freedom House Ministries:

FHM is a ministry for men that suffer from addiction.
To learn more click here.

New Paris Food Pantry Needs: 

They Need Volunteer Help:
Third week every month
-Monday-10:30 am
-Wednesday-8:00 am
-Friday-8:30 am (set up); 10:00 am-1:00 pm (distribution)